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#329999 - Waterman 4 Section
Super Bertha Fuel Pump

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#329999 - Waterman 4 Section
Super Bertha Fuel Pump

The Waterman Super Bertha Fuel Pump is designed with 4 gear sections. Each set of gears utilize a 10 tooth design with a 9 degree offset, this equates to 40 individual pickups for each revolution of the pump, which in turn produces a smooth efficient fuel flow.

(Steel add $200.00)

Part Number  Bertha Component Listing
322000RERN  Bertha Rear End Frame Assembly 
322000CB  Bertha Carbon Bushing 
322000NB  Bertha Needle Bearing 
322000CS  Bertha Center Support - 1" 
322000CS.5  Bertha Center Support- 1/2" 
322000DS  Bertha Driver Shaft 
322000DSSB  SUPER Bertha Driver Shaft - Marging 300 
322000IS  Bertha Idler Shaft 
322000ISSB  SUPER Bertha Idler Shaft 
322000DNSB  SUPER Bertha Driven Shaft - Marging 300 
322000FC  Bertha Front Cover 
322000RFC  Bertha Front Cover - Recessed 
322000G  Bertha Gear 
322000S  Bertha Spacer 
329000 Bertha Gear & Spacer Set 
322000TCG  Tuff Coat Bertha Gear 
322000TCH  Tuff Coat Bertha Housing 
322000TCS  Tuff Coat Bertha Spacer 
322001 Bertha 7/16" Hex Shaft w/spud 
322001SO  Bertha 7/16" Hex Spud Only 
3220038SO  Bertha 3/8" Hex Spud Only 
322002 Bertha Gear Housing           STEEL ADD $50.00 
322003 Bertha Rear Seal 
322018 Bertha Rear Seal Holder 
322019 Bertha Rear Seal & Holder w/o-ring 
322020 SUPER Bertha Rear Seal Assy - Marging 300 
322004 Bertha Rear Bearing 
322500 Bertha Manifold Block 
322500SB  SUPER Bertha Manifold Block 
322501 Bertha Outlet Fitting 
322505 SUPER Bertha Single Outlet Manifold 
322502 Bertha Inlet Fitting - Specify 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" 
322502-16  Bertha Inlet Fitting - Specify 1-3/4" or -20 
322502SB  SUPER Bertha Inlet Fitting 
322601 Bertha Front Cover O-Ring 
322602 Bertha Manifold O-Ring 
322603 Bertha Housing O-Ring 
322605 BIG Bertha O-Ring Kit 
322606 LIL Bertha O-Ring Kit 
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